About Osstell

Osstell helps dentists and dental surgeons worldwide who want to provide safer, more effective and more successful implant treatment.

About Osstell


Osstell is the global leader in implant stability measurement and osseointegration progress monitoring. Osstell was formed in 1999 to commercialize an invention using Resonance Frequency Analysis (RFA) to determine the clinical status of a dental implant.


Osstell’s proprietary and patented technology helps its customers, dentists around the world, to make dental implant treatments safer, and to increase patient confidence and comfort, by measuring the stability of implants objectively and non-invasively using the ISQ scale (Implant Stability Quotient). More than 870 scientific publications confirm the benefits of the technology, its clinical value, and the use of the ISQ scale for dentists in their daily practices. Osstell is headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden – the birthplace of dental implants.


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Our Scientific Advisors

Prof. Daniel Buser

Prof. Daniel Buser

Professor and Chairman, Dept. of Oral Surgery and Stomatology, School of Dental Medicine, University of Bern, Switzerland

Prof. Peter Moy

Prof. Peter K. Moy

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon, Professor, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, UCLA, Los Angeles, USA, Director, Implant Dentistry

Dr. Marcus Dagnelid

DDS, Board Certified Prosthodontist
CEO, Chief of Staff, Dagnelid Clinic & Falkenberg Clinic, SAACD AB
CEO, European Dental Academy

Prof. Neil Meredith

Professor in Prosthodontics, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia

Board of Directors

Carsten Browall

Chairman of the Board

Extensive experience in the healthcare sector with leading positions in fast-growing companies such as Mölnlycke, Nobel Biocare, Capio and Unfors RaySafe.

Other assignments:
Board member at Unident, Bellman&Symfon and SciBase. Chairman of the Board at GHP Speciality Care and Vitrolife.

Carl Backman

18 years’ experience in the private
equity and venture capital market,
most recently as CEO of Bure Equity.

Other assignments:
Investment Director
at Fouriertransform, Board
member at Pelly, Jobro
Plåtkomponenter, Cede group,
Maxtruck, Vicura.

Mattias Silfversparre

Partner at Layline Partners, prior to that Investment Manager at Bure Equity, Strategy Consultant at Adera and Management Consultant at McKinsey.

Other assignments:
Investment Director
at Fouriertransform.

Örjan Serner

Founder and partner at
Layline Partners

Other assignments:
Current and previous involvement include companies such as Citat, Bure, Sportmanship, Unfors Raysafe, Start Communication, Rubrik, More Space, Nute, More PR, Imatech Industri & Marin, Unident AB, SGP, and Sjätte AP-fonden.

Tomas Unfors

Visionary entrepreneur founded Unfors RaySafe AB in 1994 and co-founded RTI Electronics AB in the early eighties, both heavily world-wide oriented. Has extensive experience in developing measuring instruments, including several patents.

Nicole Winitsky

Nicole Winitsky is currently working as a prosthodontist at the Eastman institute, Folktandvården, Stockholm, Sweden with special focus in prosthodontics in children and young adults diagnosed with diseases affecting their dental development. She is a PhD student at the Karolinska Institute with the research project “Implants in the anterior maxilla in young adults”
She is a frequent lecturer at both national and international symposium, meetings and courses.

Jonas Ehinger

CEO, President

More than 20 years of experience in the life science and MedTech industry with leading and CEO positions in growth companies such as Applied Biosystems, Kovalent, Cellectricon and Mentice.

Other assignments:
Board member at Leading Light AB

Management Team

Jonas Ehinger

CEO, President


Per-Olof Lundgren



Niclas Horal-Schultz

Global Sales Director


Lina Sanner

Global Marketing Director


Stefan Horn

VP Product Solutions


Toyah Ohlson

Production Supply & Support Director, QA/RA