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Dr. Robert Mikhli, DDS conducts a thorough examination prior to creating and implementing a dental implant plan for patients. At Implant Center of Brooklyn, located in the Midwood neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY, Dr. Mikhli uses the latest diagnostic tools, including 3-D CT scan radiography, to insure patients dental implant surgeries are successful.

Dental Exams Q & A

by Robert J. Mikhli, DDS

What does a pre-implant dental exam entail?

Dr. Mikhli begins by taking a detailed record of your medical history. Next, he conducts a thorough visual examination of your mouth to assess the condition of the teeth, gums and bite radius. After that, Dr. Mikhli will take several x-rays to determine the condition of your jaw bone. He may also utilize 3-D CT scan radiography which provides detailed, 3-D panoramic views of your jaw bone, teeth roots, gum tissue, and nerves. Blood tests will be ordered, as well, to evaluate any conditions that may preclude a patient from undergoing from dental implantation. After analyzing all of this information, Dr. Mikhli will create an individualized treatment plan.

What pre-implant procedures may be required?

If a CT scan shows that your jaw bone is not thick enough to properly support an implant, you will first need a bone graft. CT scans provide precise images that measure bone density, in addition to height and width. This enables Dr. Mikhli to see exactly how much bone material must be added for the implant to be successfully installed. Grafting in a procedure in which bone is taken from another source, either the patient’s body, or a cadaver or animal donor, or a synthetic material. The graft is then placed into the jaw. The procedure stimulates bone growth. Depending on the size of the graft, this rebuilding process will take 4-12 months for your jaw bone to be ready for an implant.

What other preparations are needed prior to implant surgery?

It is important to tell Dr. Mikhli about all medications, including herbs and supplements, that you are taking. Some, such as aspirin and other anti-inflammatories and blood-thinners, such as warfarin, may need to be stopped before the procedure to best ensure rapid healing.


Words from our patients

  • "While I was undergoing chemo for breast cancer I was told that I needed dental implants...Dr Mikhli made me feel so comfortable. He was amazing. "

    Theodora C.
  • Dr. Oogle

    "Dr. Mikhli clearly detailed all the information pertaining to the implant and instilled a great deal of confidence in having me do the implant with him."

    Pesie S.
  • RateMDs

    "I sent my coworker to the doctor for an implant and she said he was great. Very calm, professional, and painless also. We would highly recommend."

    Verified Patient
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