3D Dental CT Scan

A top rated implantologist, Dr. Robert Mikhli, DDS of Implant Center of Brooklyn utilizes leading-edge, 3D dental CT scan technology. Located in the Midwood neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY, Dr. Mikhli takes images with a 3D dental CT scan to aid in precisely and safely installing dental implants.

3D Dental CT Scan Q & A

by Robert J. Mikhli, DDS

What is a 3D dental CT scan?

A 3D dental CT scan is an x-ray system that offers three-dimensional images of the inside of a patient’s mouth, including the teeth, soft tissue, nerves, and bones. Traditional dental x-rays show only height and width. Three-dimensional x-rays also show depth (as well as thickness and density of the bone). It is a crucial piece of equipment that allows Dr. Mikhli to create a digital plan and surgical guide for safely installing dental implants.

What are the benefits of a 3D Dental CT scan in implantology?

By providing a view and measurement of depth, as well as height and width, Dr. Mikhli can precisely position implants ­– to avoid hitting or cutting nerves and sinuses. Also, the 3D dental CT scan helps Dr. Mikhli determine the length of each implant and number of implants that best fit the patient’s mouth. Additionally, these 3D images assist in determining whether other procedures, such as a bone graft or sinus lift, need to be performed before implants are installed. Another benefit: 3D x-rays are important in diagnosing the cause of a failed implant, and developing a restorative plan.

What does the 3D dental CT scan process entail for patients?

The process is quick and painless. Patients are asked to remove metal items – such as hair clips, jewelry, and even removable dental appliances – that could interfere with the imaging process. As with any radiography, women should inform Dr. Mikhli if there is a possibility that they are pregnant. During the procedure you will sit as still as possible, while a C-arm rotates 360 degrees around your head, capturing numerous images from various angles that are reconstructed into a single 3-D image. Full mouth images are captured in only 20-40 seconds and can be viewed immediately.



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  • "While I was undergoing chemo for breast cancer I was told that I needed dental implants...Dr Mikhli made me feel so comfortable. He was amazing. "

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    "Dr. Mikhli clearly detailed all the information pertaining to the implant and instilled a great deal of confidence in having me do the implant with him."

    Pesie S.
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    "I sent my coworker to the doctor for an implant and she said he was great. Very calm, professional, and painless also. We would highly recommend."

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